Hero or Opportunist?

Who am I?
2001-12-02 00:48:51 (UTC)

Blah blah blah

Why do people at one why, and think another? I have many
conflicting thoughts, but i don't bullshit people and make
them think i like them or wanna look at them. I wish
people would give up the superficial crap and accept that
yes, you won't be liked by everyone, and trying to please
them. I know that a vast majority of people in the world
atually don't like me. In fact, some down right hate me.
I accept it, i don't go out of my way to piss them off, but
i also don't go out and try to please them. So, i guess i
just wish that everyone drops the charade and learns how to
actually be human. That's what it all boils down to, is
being human, actually treating people how u want to. Well,
i know that all i beg for, i won't get.