What Would YOU Do With a Drunken Sailor?
2001-12-02 00:47:30 (UTC)

People I Never Want to See/Talk To/ Hear About Ever Again Part IX

9. My reading teacher, Mrs. Lobos. She is a BITCH. I know
it's a kid's nature to dislike their teachers, but FUCK,
this goes waaay beyond dislike. She's the most boring
teacher at school. In previous grades I LOVED language arts
because when we had assignments, they were fun. And they
WEREN'T based around any shitty literature 'story'. One
time she told us to write a good versus evil based on Rikki-
tikki-tavi, so we had to use animals. But we couldn't use
snakes or mongooses, because we have to be 'original'. Then
why.the.fuck are we writing a damn story based on a book?
Sort of defeats the purpose of being original, doesn't it?
And she absolutely will NOT admit she's ever wrong. One
time she said that further and farther could be used
interchangeably. I corrected her, told her that further
refers to degree and farther refers to distance. She asked
where I learned that. I told her that I saw it on a grammar
site I frequent. I gave her the link, even. Her
reply? 'Well, it's on the Internet, and you have to be
careful what you believe on there, because people can get
online and write whatever they want.' Oh. So PUBLISHING
SEVERAL BOOKS isn't qualified enough for you? I see. And
how many books have YOU written and gotten published, may I
ask? None? I thought so. So what makes you think you're
And the way she reads stories. Ugh, it pisses me off more
than everything else. She tries to sound dramatic and
realistic, but she comes off sounding tacky and lame. She
OVERdramatizes her reading.
In short, someone should revoke her teaching credentials.
Possibly it would deflate that huge ass - sorry, HEAD, of