a little piece of me
2001-12-01 23:55:31 (UTC)

a little undeserved r&r

i guess not totally undeserved. i did clean up my entire
house today. it's spotless now :) however, i didn't get
much else done. i need to work on matthew's painting, get
some notecards made up, and finish a paper. if i get that
much done, i'll be thoroughly impressed with myself :D
(it's not likely to happen, though. hehe).

ahhh, got system of a down blaring in the background.
ringer shut off on the phone (not that anyone calls
anyway), a few candles burning...time to chill for a bit.
i might go lay down in the complete darkness and just think
for a little while. not about anything in particular, just
whatever comes to mind. i haven't done that in a long
time, and i kinda miss it. i've been so busy lately that i
haven't had the chance. then maybe i'll finish one of the
fifteen books that i've started reading. lol..let's see, i
have a vonnegut book going, an anne rice one, one by daniel
quinn i believe, another horror one by someone who's name
eludes me right now, a steven king book, and a jrr tolkien
book (thought i'd attempt to reread it before it comes out
in theaters, but that's in a few weeks, so i doubt that
will happen). i'm almost done with the vonnegut and anne
rice, so i will finish them first. i can do both of them
in a few hours.

i got invited to go out tonight, but i don't know if i want
to. a bunch of us are supposed to go play games at this
girl's room (she lives in the dorms). a bunch of people
i'm not particularly fond of will be there, and i don't
know that i can deal with them right now. i will have to
deal with them this friday...we're having a christmas
party, and i am definitely going to that. anyway, i think
i'd rather stay here and read than be social. i do need to
get some of that other stuff done first, though. guess
we'll see how that goes.

btw, spy game was a very good movie. i highly recommend it
to those that like movies that kinda make you think a
little bit. that also reminds me...why is it that when a
few guys go to a movie together, they never sit next to
each other? they always leave a seat between them? girls
always sit together...just curious. i have some

ok, well, time to work on my paper, so i'm taking off.
happy dec 1st! lol.