Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2001-12-01 23:08:06 (UTC)


The past few days have benn worse than usual. Ashley
one of my good friend left on Fri. she moved to Warner
Robins....I am sad that she is gone because together we
went to JMA. We have gone through som much! But, I am also
happy for her that she got out of Milledgeville. I hate it
here! Anyway, I had another "idea" on Fri. onve I get
out of high school I want to travel around the world! I
think it would be an awsome experience and hardwork I know
but that could be a good thing for me. I just feel that I
need to get away.
Oh, Thurs. night I went to see Ashley before she left.
Clark drove me and when I got there I told Ashley I would
be right back because I needed to talk to Clark about some
stuff. He wanted me to inform him all about what Stephanie
likes to hear etc. I was getting so sick of listening to
it all that by the end I felt depressed. I had to listen
about how pretty she was and how she has a wonderful
personality. I know this and who she is as a person is why
she is my friend but it is a different story for the same
things to be said when they are coming from a guy. Well
after he dropped me off at Ashley's again he drove away
before I could tell him that no one was here! I went to
all of the doors and no one answered! I was so pissed, I
had tld her I would be back. I desided that I would walk
to my friend Holly's house since she doens't live too far
away. After getting half way there I realized that she
probably wouldn't be home so I desided to walk back. I
just sat there for a while and finally she showed up
again. I don't know that story was kinda trivial but oh
well. Anyway I said good bye to her and had Alex take me
OK, so then on Fri. Megan took me home and we kinda
bonded that day. Its funny everyone has their problems.
And they usually aren't that far fetched. Well I went
around withj her that night and she ended up talking to
Dicky that night ( a guy who she has previously had sex
with). Well he told her that he wished that she wasn't
going out with Brandon ( a guy who I had something with at
one time but broke it off cause it was all about getting
physical to him). Anyway, I know all that Dicky wants is
to have sex with her again. It seems like that is all
anyone wants. . Aren't there any guys deeper than
But back to this sailing thing. I really want to do
this! I don't know who would go with me though. I'll have
to think about that and I'll have to learn how to sail. I
can work on that over the summer casue I live on the lake
(it a big one) and I see sail boats all the time. And I
need to get a job to begin to make money. I could get my
parents to help with getting a boat. And, I don't know
I'll have to research it and fine out what I will need to

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