Janus Wolf

The Book of Janus
2001-12-01 22:25:19 (UTC)

Chapter eight - The Insignia

We have spoken about how the levels are learned, but now
we must see how they are marked.

First, there are two types of insignia, a full insignia,
used in play, and a symbol one, used in public. The second
one seems like normal jewlery, and is only there to remind
the sub and the Master of their bond. And also remember
one more thing, gaining a level, a sub ADDS insignia,
insignia of a lower level still stays on.

So here is the insignia:

THE APPRENTICE - CUFFS - With cuffs on the feet and hands,
an apprentice is always ready to be tied up and trained.
In publick a foot chain and a wrist chain are used,
indicating the bonds.

THE SUB - BELT - A belt is a mark of a Sub, it can be used
to denie her pleasure, and with it the sub indicates er
pleasure is not in her hands any more. A waist chain is
used in public.

THE SLAVE - COLLAR - A collar is a sign of a relationship
in normal BDSM, but in school of Janus, I suggest it is
more a sign of a level. For relationship signs, SIGILS
will be sed and that will be explained in the next
chapter. A choker or a short chain is used in public.

THE AMORETTE - TIARA - An Amorette wears a Tiara on her
head, the style of it depends on the master that gave it.
Something less flashy is used in public.

These is the INSIGNIA of the school of Janus