2001-12-01 20:40:25 (UTC)

I've Been Decieved....

Well, here I was thinking that Justin wanted to see me, but
I guess he doesn't. I know he did last night, but I guess
he doesn't now. It seems the only thing that's important to
him, is sleeping in the same bed at me, but that seems to
be the only extent of it. He spent money on a taxi last
night to get here, but now he's over at his Mom's and he
said he'd come over to spend a few minutes with me before I
go to work. Well, I have to be there by 3 and he has time
to come see me now. You know, he still lives here. He can
just come over and spend time with me if he wanted to. But
it seems he doesn't so oh well.
Well, I'm expecting Amanda to call me, so I've got to go.
Love, Shelby