The Nightshade Princess
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2001-12-01 20:25:16 (UTC)

Truly, there is little to write..

Truly, there is little to write about lately. I am
about to embark upon a short journey. My grandparents in
Datona wish a visit. I am going to visit a little pagan
shop on the way, which is likely to be the highlight of
this afternoon and eve. We shall probably also go out to
eat, but I, being vegan, usually can eat nothing more than
salad. Tomorrow, I visit Hot Topic, which, I hear, is a
rather interesting store, and return home before the day is
To my beloved LesTaT:
I wrote you an email a few minutes ago, which you have
doubtless already read. I just want to tell you again that
I love you and to please take care. I wish I could take
you with me. My grandparents are sure to see you as the
beautiful and intelligent person you are, reguardless of
your dark appearance. They are probably the least
judgmental of my extended family (aside from an uncle and
aunt of mine who had a gothic child as well for a time).
After all, they are the ones who usually encourage such
self-expression. I love you! ::vanishes::