Fazzy's Memoires....
2001-12-01 20:23:04 (UTC)

Miss Yah !!

Well unfortunelty for me... I decided that i'd miss
talking to my Christy !! *sigh* What can i say... I just
love to talk to her !!

Last night went out with a few friends, we went to
Mingles a hot bar here in Sudbury, place was packed... And
i hate it when it is, when you've got to push all your way
to the Washroom... it aint fun.. But.. eh... I had a good
time.. Having a few beers, dancing and chatting it up with
friends.. :)

Came back around 4 am, then wasnt sleeepy so i got on
Icq.. but of course all the normal peeps are sleeping by
now.. hehe So i logged into everquest and powerleveled my
Rogue to level 20.. WooT !! :)

Went to bed, when the sun came up.. lol around 7 am..
*sigh* But eh... i'm allowed to do this.. :) Just not you
Christy.. :P

Today i'm gonna clean my roooom agian... it seems to get
very messy in sooo short of a time.. :) Besides that i
might do some laundry.... but dunno for sure.. I neeed
more quarters to make my laundry.. :)

Anyways hope to talk to Christy my sweeety tonight !!! if
not... then i wish yah a very nice weeekend !!