once again
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2001-12-01 20:12:46 (UTC)


Florida always is the beareer of shit. Shawn, I thought
was doing so well now but he's not. He forged a check to
pay for the car accident and got caught. Well the cops
know it was him but can't find him. He owes every one
money and he still owes for the car itself that he doesn't
even have anymore. I just don't know now. He is still the
same old aShawn. His mom and i want him to go see a shrink
and he said he would but i know he won't. i love him and
this hurts really nadly. I think this isn't right now. I
think he's too much of a child still and all those promises
were for my own benefit and nothing more. we ad wonderful
sex...maybe that's all i'm good for. I don't quite know
but soon i will be telling himm all this.. Good luck tome.