2001-12-01 19:42:07 (UTC)


Well...I am at Emily's house right now. I am helping them
clean up so they can get their Christmas tree today.
Thursday night sucked. My dad bought us a new big screen
t.v., but he had been drinking that night and he is on
medication from his surgery, so...he got very mean and of
course I was his victim to pick on. He was asking me
stupid questions and i answered them and I was proving him
wrong about things and he got mad about that so he smacked
me upside the head. I used to just flinch when he did
that, but I was proud of myself because I just stood there
and looked him straight in the eyes and told him not to hit
me. When I said that to him he picked up a remote
controller and hit me upside the head with that. I didn't
do anything after that, I just took a shower and went to
bed and acted like nothing ever happened. My dad
apologized the next morning but I will never emotionally
forgive him. Well I have to go now. I will write again
later. ~bye~

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