Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2001-12-01 19:17:49 (UTC)


Okay, so. Today hasn't been that bad. It hasn't been bad at
It was just bit boring.
I dyed my hair..purpleish.
It looks pretty cool actually, but it's only a 6-8 wash.
Hmm..anyways. I went to Leeds with my Grandma, and we went
to ...two shop looking for coats.
I found a perfect one! It is beautiful.
It's from my neck to my feet. Perfect length, and it looks
like it's a long leather skirt attatched to a leather
jacket. It truly is beautiful.
The guy there was a bit weird, but...screw him. In the
first shop we went into, in the corn exchange, the man was
MUCH nicer, and friendlier.

THEN we went to Bookers and I got the NIN "THE DOWNWARD
SPIRAL" LP and I got "The Vampire Lestat" novel by Anne
It's pretty good from what I've read so far.
Okay, so I'm sat here, bored out of my head eating chips
and watery gravy. Can things get more better?

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