My Journey to Motherhood and Life
2001-12-01 19:12:30 (UTC)

What will December bring?

Today is Saturday, December 1, 2001. I spent October
and November puking my guts out with this baby. Will
December be the same? Only time will tell.
I cried like a baby last night and this a.m. I think my
husband is ready to take me to the psych ward. I am just so
sick and just frustrated. I am trying not to blame the baby
for all of this sickness.
Now I am trying to drink milk with Carnation Instant
Breakfast It has some vitamins. Let's see how that goes.
I decided not to decorate for Christmas. Its just too
much work. I did hang a tiny stocking for the baby.
Tomorrow starts the 15th week of my pregnancy.I just want
to finish this month. Then what? Ann