2001-12-01 19:06:39 (UTC)

Saturday, December 1st 2001 (1252pm)

wow, it's already december. time has passed by so fast;
especially the month of november. i guess it was because of
the long thanksgiving break we had in between. so many
things have happened and i feel like i have to stop and
organize my life.

what is my priority right now? for sure, it is school. that
is why i am here. there are so many other things i am
focusing on, which seem to be in vain. there are lots of
dirty thoughts can come in and out of my head like no
other. i wish i could stop this.

i have been reading "left behind" and i makes me think of
what i really am and where i stand as a christian. i should
go back to church and find out what God is trying to tell
me. it's the people i hang out with. it's the filthy
attitudes and words that He does not appreciate. i know it
is wrong, but i tend to turn my back and ignore my
consciousness. it hurts to be left out, but at the same
time i want people to look at me and see the difference. i
just don't want to go with the flow; it is such a waste of
time! God tell me what is it that you are trying to tell