even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2001-12-01 18:03:15 (UTC)

you're my savior!

Jesus can walk on water.. and he can be your best
friend..give him a all about him in the
book of John..and yep its in your bible

so i got this as a reply to my diary, no return email, no
name, just this message.. but, its not legit, because if it
was, they would have capitalized He, Him, and Bible.. so
you false churchie, im on to you! althought i don't knwo
who you are, you're not being too slick.. i commend the
effort, but if you happaen to read this, [email protected],
write me there, lets have none of this i-won't-put-in-my-
email-so-you-can't-respond-back crap.. so this.. hehe, i
was gonna write about boys.. and how all i really do now is
think about boys... not veen any boy in particuler, i mean,
tehre are some i think about more than others, but... and
kelly asked me last night if i liked mikenotdan, and i said
no, of course, and then she asked even if i did, would i
tell her? and i also said no.. and then it got me started
thinking baout mike again... i don't know man, i really
don't, i... mike is a cool guy, and id like ot get to knwo
him better, cause it hink there is way more mike than we
see, like, i thnk that there is some facade he puts up,
that neeeeeds to be broken down, juts a htought, mind
you... we hung out with mike like, two nights ago.... and
it was fun, we hung out with lee, mike, chris the sakter
one, that kelly kid who did lots of drugs, and that tall
blonde josh guy.. we(joselin and i) went with lee to film
with those boys, they eneded up skating in the walmart
parking lot, and we watched and it was fun, we got kicked
out of walmart, not us, but hte camera, so ... my
neopsporin came in inhandy, cause those boys sure do scrape
themselevs up, mike busted his palm, and there was blood
and stuff, no good.. he reshaved the mohawk, and we did a
way better job, but.. what can you do? we were at the mal
in front of some like, mimi statuette store and osme lady
was like, oh look at jesus! it was the funniest thing...
but.. as for mike, i don't know... i tink we shoulkd hang
out iwht im more, cause it hink that hes a cool guy.. and i
think that that is maybe all i think right now.. im not
really sure...well, im pretty sure, only not.. ahh... well,
its doesn't really matter, and i woudln;t tell kelly, or
joselin, or anyone, if i liked a guy, cause then it wold
turn into a thing, like, ohh katy.... talk to him, and its
llike, if i keep it to myself, there is no thing, no one
finds out, its not embarrassing, and im the only one who
goes up and down with it... and its easier and much more
claen, emotionally this way... so boys.. i think about them