2001-12-01 17:51:30 (UTC)

hmmm, well someone left me a..

hmmm, well someone left me a strange message: if your are
bored why not read the book of John..
the whole thing..yep its in your bible towards the
back.. and if ya do..well you wont be bored anymore.c yae. "
we all know i love getting messages, but next time please
leave ur name...thanks. anywho, not much is going on. last
night it fun, hehe. hung out with jon and darryl from work.
they are so much alike it's scary. they kept saying the
same thing, and whatnot, it was freaky. hehe, i think jon's
more freaked out than me though. :). first i worked..blah.
then jon came over and we went to pick up darryl at a
health food store..then we all went to was fun,
then we left and sat on a curb. oh yeah. then we got some
food...well i did at least..wasn't that good, but didn't
cost much so ya know..blah. anywho then we hung out in the
park for a lil bit, then we went back to my house and hung
out. jon and i played pattycake...then pokey, and we taught
darryl how to play. i won against jon once, then he one and
darryl won agaisnt me. then they left and i...went to sleep
eventually..don't member what time. had to get up early b/c
i'm babysitting hannah and zoe. hehe. then i'm going to
work and then...then...alex and i are going out to get
something to eat. haha. well that's it for now...leave a
message, and a name if you wouldn't mind. :)