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Emo Violence
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2001-12-01 17:28:06 (UTC)

break down

last night was pretty fun. we got to the show, maybe 6pm,
we all set up for the first 2 hours maybe it was just a
steady stream of people, one after another, paying. all in
all, total collevtion was maybe 1050 which means baout 150
kids payed. the show was good, all the bands were good,
rich and sam came, so i hung out with them a little, rich
is so adorable, twice people stepped on his toe (with the
nail ripped off) and it was bleeding all through his sock,
poor kid. sams a sweet heart too. tim kaye was good,
prolly my fave of the night, my mom even came to see him,
the rest of the bands were ok, junior didnt play that
great, but ok. three star, well you kno how they are.
otherwise, alison ranger was good at the end, doug from
acme came, so i talked to him last night and he emailed me
this morning. so that was cool. zac gave me a hug on the
way out, i wasnt ready, so i was a bit awkward about it
still though *swoons* hes so cute, and nice, unlike clint
whos just extremely attractive and thats all. (do i need
to reference to the lodged stick?) anyway, so on the way
out i say my good byes and pile the stuff into caitlyns
car, we are backing out and jillian jumps on the trunk, so
we, quick, go forward and run into the cement speed bump
and the metal bar sticking out, popping the tire, so were
pretty stuck. its almost 11 and we finally start fixing
it, the jack, though, collapses and the car falls on the
rim, jillians starts crying again, julia is getting picked
up on the corver of state and union, so i walk down there
with her, pretty scarry at the time of the night, id otn
want to walk back alone, so i have my mom pick me up there
and we go get my stuff from caitlyns car, and finally head

my brother didnt get home till after 3:30 so my mom was
sorta mad, but oh well, i slept till after 10, got some
good breakfast, and am working on my mix tape now. 2nd side
almost completed, 1/2 of one song remaining, then to burn
it to make the master cd, hopefully i can finish the first
side, at least the downloading, this weekend, and can start
recording on monday or osmthin. enough of that.

time to go.