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Permission to reprint/mirror the content of my web site

I maintain an extensive website regarding macroeconomics,
microeconomics, finance, business and the economies of
countries in transition:

This is a series of articles and essays written and
published between 1996 - to the present in dozens of
periodicals throughout the world and on the Web.

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MORE about the Web Site

Ostensibly, the articles deal with the Macedonian, Russian,
or Czech economy and politics - and, they do.

Yet, these economic and political experiences really serve
as an ideal laboratory - a prism through which micro-and
macro-economic issues can be (and are) studied.

Consider Macedonia, for instance. It was established in
1991. It had to withstand an embargo (a siege, actually), a
collapse of its banking system, a collapse of a series of
pyramid savings schemes, an acute contraction of its GDP
and its industrial production, a yawning balance of
payments deficit, dangerously high unemployment, inter-
ethnic tensions - and this is a partial list.

However painful in human terms, this has transformed
Macedonia into a fascinating case study in the workings of
the economic mind, of economic principles and theories.

This series of articles (constantly expanded) explores this
case study in depth as well as issues related to other
Balkan countries and the Russian and the Czech economies.

I tried to remember the humans behind the figures and the
tragedies behind the numbers.

Still, the articles together make up for an introduction to
the science of Economy - more than to a practical, "how
to", type of publication.