De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-12-01 12:52:24 (UTC)

2 more days to South Isle Trip

Sat 1/12/01

It's officially summer today, and boy the heat's up...a
staggering 24 degree celsius today...the dry heat virutally
bakes ones' skin... the heat plus the fact that i have very
little money now makes me juz wanna stay at home and
sleep...which i do very often nowadays...

seyan called in the monring...waking me up..geez.that seems
to be a common trend these days... anyway, we had to plan
for our accomodation at christchurch, since ben could not
put us they popped by in the afternoon...

we booked our accomodation at YHA that
should be nice and fun... having done that, we headed out
for ice-cream...and it rained the moment we stepped out of
the house!! damm... we headed back to the house and the
rain stopped immediately..sheesh...

walked to the kelburn shops where we bought some
ingredients for dinner..i had previously bought some
beehoon and veges at mr chan's so i invited em to cook
their dinner here... hehehe..of course i get to eat a warm
meal in the process : P

so kevin,seyan and I proceeded to cook our fried bee hoon,
and grilled chicken wings...not bad at all!! we cooked a
lot, so invited Nai and Mami to have some...yummm...

after dinner, popped over to paula's place at fairlie
terrace, she seemed really surprised to see us, it was nice
catchin up with her again..that funny gal, flew back to
taiwan for 3 weeks while her mum flew over to Wellington to
visit...hmmmm...she's now doin a summer paper

night, went to the labs for a while..then headed back...
popped over to luke's place , he was building peter's
computer..looks i chipped in to help..peter's got a
1.2 Ghz AMD machine.. we spent around
an hour fixing up the system from scratch...good
fun..luke's headin to taupo in the north isle next monday,
prob catch up wit him again after our trip..peter came back
soon after and we watched some crazy mountain
biking/adventure sports vid...some crazy stunts
there..entertaining though...

till 1am...i was beat and back here again...tomoro will be
preppin for the south isle trip...yeahhhhh...gonna be
fun...dunno abt bungy and stuff though...