Forgotten Misery
2001-12-01 12:12:22 (UTC)

7:00 am in the morning

Yes im awake and its 7 am in the damn morning...I Had a
really really bad dream last night and I cant get back to
sleep. My dad also came in and i was already awake because
of my dream and my parents are on there way to pekin right
now because we think my grandma is going to die today...So
im thinkn today is going to be a really bad day yet i have
no tears to shed because i cried enough in my sleep and
almost cried last night so yeah im a doin real swell. I
hate dreams of death and the dream was so real that it
scares me it was so real but im gona leave it at that all i
can say is it wasnt me who died or a family member it was a
friend that is very very close to me. I hope I get to see
Geoff today I really need to be with him today!! im out to