Crazy Thoughts
2001-12-01 08:09:01 (UTC)

Don't Have Sex In the Laundry Room- It's Illegal in Michigan

Hey guys!
Oh, I've had a long night-but long as in good! hehe! I'm
over at Nelly's and we're chillin, we just got back from
TPing and Sporking, haha, long long story. It has to do
when I woke up and there were forks in my yard!
Anyways, Nelly and Adam talked to each other twice today!
No fair, I'm so jealous, Wesley and I have only talked on
the phone twice in one day once. Errr...and I'm starting to
feel unloved by both of them because they're so wrapped up
with eachother! Where's Wesley, he loves me, he's probably
the only one that loves me...well Ericka might love me
because she's a lesbian (LoL, let's not get into that, it's
fucked) and Crak Ho because I supply her with crack, but I
don't know.....(sigh)...(yawn)...
It's almost 3 am and we've been on the computer all night,
isn't that sad, and we've only been talking to Belle
Plainians! By the way, haven't you ever of Express??? Damn
Nelly, lol! Don't ask!
I'm still really upset because those two girls, Nicole and
Mary that I had that conversation with, well I had another
one, and it was an attempt to smooth things over until
Nelly jumped in! We found out that Nicole had cheated on
Wesley (and I don't know how anyone could ever do that,
we've been together for 7 months, and even though it's a
long distance relationship, we haven't cheated on
eachother! The whole Phil thing was nothing of my will, he
was the one that did it, I had no part in it! BUt that just
complicates things even more) Seriously, she wanted a
second chance with him, and she had one with Wes when the
went out again for the second time, he dumped her again
because she was nagging and bothering him so much and they
were constantly fighting. Nicole probably did the same
thing she's doing to me as she did to that Baily girl. And
you know what, Wesley does really honestly love me back or
else we wouldn't be going out, he'd be with baily, whom he
dumped after he got home from DC or with Nicole. I don't
hate Nicole, it just seems likes she trying to get me to
dump him whether she's willing to admit or not, but I'm
never gonna leave Wes, if I do I'll die and be unhappy for
the rest of my life! I respect Nicole's feelings towards
Wesley but she doesn't understand that I love him, truely
love him and he feels the samn way about me! Then Mary
totally goes off on a rage of bitch shit! Nelly is her
perfect match because she took Mary down better than I did
myself. I don't understand how Mary got into this whole
thing to begin with but goodness, she needs to get out of
the way of Nicole and I because it's not her place. THe
only reason why Nelly and Adam were involed is because I
tell them everything! Especially Adam, and it's not like
Nelly isn't gonna hear about it from Adam becasue they tell
eachother everything so I have no secrets with anyone! Well
Wesley but Wesley is in it because he's the whole guy
behind it all. SO basically it should only be Nicole and I
and we could get everything figured out on our own if it
weren't for our friends (I don't mean that in a bad way
pals!) And Rachel-don't worry hun, you weren't around when
this all happened, I'll call you later. But guys-I'm going
to try to sit down, just Nicole and I and get it all
covered because it's gay, really fucking gay!
On a lighter note, my finger is jammed by Leigh Corbitt, it
hurts, my toe is no longer purple and bleeding, it's still
swollen but I guess that damn door didn't do enough damage
to keep me off my feet! You should see the door-like I
said, it was pretty bloody .
Nelly and I better head to bed, we have to go up to Rite
Aid in the morning and then I might be going to the movie
pothead or chill with Libs or Ericka, I'm not fo sure on
what my plans are.
I hope you guys arn't confused! Sorry if you are, I wanna
thank you all though for your unconditional support. I love
you guys for that. THANX ANATOMY and NELLY, and I LOVE you
to death NC!
Sweet dreams to all,
PS my debate teacher told me that it's illegal in Michigan to have
sex anywhere but the bedroom and you have to do missionary position,
therefore if your doing it doggy-style in the laundry room, it's
illegal and you can be taken to jail and fined for having sex in
Michigan-how fucked is that?! haha! I have a limited vocabulary!!
lol, or so my grandmother says! haha Nelly