The girl I never knew I was
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2001-03-31 04:15:28 (UTC)

Hey! So... Today was quite..

So... Today was quite boring but interesting at the same
time. I mean nothing really happened and I am tired of
having nothing happen in my life. I mean sometimes I feel
like I wish something weird or interesting would happen but
nothing ever does. Today I went to school and hung out with
my friends. Oh How FUN!!! j/k ! Actually I was talking to
Josh and he asked me if he could walk me to class so that
was basically the only good thing that happened today.
tonight though, that is a different story. I am going to
hit the parties Baby!!! Me and my good friend Genevieve are
going partying with some of the hottest guys around. Hell
Yeah Baby!! That is what I am talking about. This should be
really fun. Well, I talked to my ex-boyfriend today and it
made me kindof sad. I mean have you ever been with a guy
for a really long time. And then when you break up it is
really hard but you vow to stay friends. Well that is how
me and Jacob are. But I realize that everytime I talk to
him it just confuses me and makes me re-think the whole
break up thing. Jacob and I never really had a great
relationship. I didn't see him vey much and then we were
always fighting about stupid stuff, actually I don't
consider him cheating on my stupid stuff. But you know what
I mean. Soo... what do you guys think that I should do. Do
you think I should give that relationship a second chance?
But on the other hand I really want to see how things are
going to go with Josh. I just don't know what to do. so...
write me and tell me your opions please!! I need some help.

p.s. Jacob was really a great boyfriend, he just made some
mistakes. We dated for 7 months. It will be a year on
april 28, that makes me sad!