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2001-12-01 07:37:48 (UTC)

Im gonna be butiful, part two

My diet is going all right, I try to exersise but I dont
have the time for it.
Now Im working, I love this job, Im the only girl exept
from a muslim who cleans the bulding.
The boys is great, I get to use internet as much as I want
to at work and in my speare time!!
My boss, Bob is great and now Im also getting my pay check.
When i get home Im gonna babysit the princess and my
godson, thats gonna be fun.
Im a litte bit sorry cause Im not going out this weekend,
but when I think about it, the Christmas partys for
companys I told you about will probobly make going out as
misserbleas last time.
I think Im going to chat with Stian today, I need to be
sure that its over.
And when it comes to Chris Im not sure eather, I like him a
lot but I dont wanna get hurt.
Im starting to feel better now, it took some time, the
whole week I`ve been hating my self.
Maybe things will get better when Im not so stressed, I
have tons of homework to do and the midtterms have started.
But nothing is gonna ruin this Christmas!!!
Hopfuly I get time to start back at the gym agen, so I can
get in shape, but I dont know how much Im gonna be working


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