the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2001-12-01 06:51:32 (UTC)

tonight was of much success..

tonight was of much success
even though it still could have used me not skipping my
but hey hopefully by sunday ill know them all and no one
else will have to cover for me when i run off stage feeling
all in all the performance was atleast twice as good as
well as twice as entertaining tonight

i wish josh had actually showed up but i didnt ask him and
i guess i just assumed he might
wishful thinking gets me no where
he cant read my mind i should have took that into
but anyways

i miss hanging with the guys
but i dont feel wanted over there now that josh and i have
i dont see why it would be any different then before josh
and i were but maybe im just protecting myself right now
keeping myself out of harms way

but im tired so im gonna say my good nightd and head to bed
that glorious comfort zone i call my bed is calling to me

to close this though id like to share something with you all
-----when in the moment that you have planned to say that
remarkable thought...if you doubt yourself at all
arent supposed to say it...and leave it at your silences