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2001-12-01 06:12:23 (UTC)

over-stayed my welcome????

so yea, its been awhile, not that im really expecting many
to read this.

but anyhow, ive got this funky problem with over-staying my
welcome with my friends. ya see, i ll spend alot *alot* of
time with them at first, firstly i guess, i chill there
often, like once or twice a week, but then its a lil more
then that say 5x's a week. keep that up for a few months
and well ya could see why id over stay my welcome. just
felt like getting that off my chest. gotta be honest cuz
well, yea, im over staying my welcome with people.

anyhow, wots new? i recently went to new orleans with the
news paper staff that i work with. that was pretty awesome,
i saw alot of funky things, had fun with some interesting
people and shared my room with someone who slept most of
the time.

other then that, lotsa things have happened. i got that job
in shoemart (not kmart, but shoemart. yea sure its *in*
kmart, but well,its not kmart). its pretty good, ive
becoming somewot of a perfectionist, but oh well, i need a
little perfection in my life, nothing much else works well
enough for me.

as for men, not a *DAMN* thing has been happening there. i
finally give up on this guy that ive been digging for like
wot a year??? so yea, i FINALLY GIVE UP!!! do you's hear
me??? i just give up...up up and away with this one. theres
nothing, nada, zilch, zero!!! do i still dig him??? im not
sure, i cant say yes or no, but i most definately give up.

i think another thang that bugged me today, is that i gave my now un-
dug friend a bday gift and wot i got was a "thats cool". thats it, he
didnt read the card or anything, just said cool and left it at that.
then went on his break (i met up with him at work) and he wanted to
get a cigarette from this "hott chic", anyhow, we went outside to
smoke (another very uneventful 15 mins) and he ended our mini visit
by saying "shes hott and has a crush on me". men really are
or he really just doesnt give a crap.

which brings me to another point, why the hell do i give sooo much of
myself to people??? whoooo knows???yea im not sure i do.
just thought id share that too.

so yea, i guess im sulking right now. oh well, i can, im
the goblin queen.
thats all for me, SOOO byes
-Aradia-who just got distracted by dr.dolittle

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