My dull life
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2001-12-01 05:45:49 (UTC)

Naked girls and angry girlfriends

The title may be a little misleading...there is only one
naked girl and one angry [pseudo]girlfriend. Forgive me, I
just dranka bunch of beer, this might be a little

A little explanation of who people are, as they will appear
frequently in my entires.

Jay: One of my friends, a close friend, we get along really

Sam: A friend who I have been trying to hook up with, she
reluctant and has been putting me thru a a bit of shit

Jess: My psuedo-girlfriend, she lives far away so we see
other people but alwasy keep each other in our hearts.

Leah: Sam's friend.

Okay, tonight's events:

Jay came over, we did stuff, then sam phoned from Leah's,
they came over. We all did stuff, then commenced drinking,
except Jay. Sam is really small and got semi-drunk from
only 2 drinks. Then we played a game I inveted called "draw
one". Every player draws one card and the person with the
highest card chooses someone to take off an article of
clothing. I cheated to make Sam lose, she got mad so I
started playing straight, but still won every hand. She
wouldn't take off her panties but we got to see her tits.
Then after the game Jess phoned...worst. timing. ever.
She's drunk and crying and so on...I do not want to deal
with this now. I'm trying to get her to cool down and go to
bed, finally I after like 20 minutes I told her that I had
people over and that I really had to get back to them
because I was being rude. She gets all pissed and hangs up
on me. I was gonna try to get some play from sam but she
had to leave right away...dammit! Anyway, thats tonight,
tomorrow is likely to be less exciting.


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