emo kween

i hug pillows
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2001-12-01 05:03:16 (UTC)


just got home. im extremely tired. tonite was just super.

it was fun though. me mike ben and belo. park so mike and ben could
smoke. camerons. back to the park. bakers crust. mall. adams.
camerons. back at park.home.

i also saw pierce when we were drivin down granby.

and mike has my cds. err. but yea, hahah bakers crust was
uh, intersting. i was so freakin loud and wouldnt take off the hat.
and mike and ben..haha..ben was just funny. hes was gone. hahah.
every time i looked at him he looked as if he was right about to fall

"wouldnt it suck if you peed in yer underwear??" -bellotti


and then my dance at adams when i threw myself on the
ground and ripped open the shirt. once in a lifetime thing.

but serisouly, cam has the funnest hat in the world!! i
really want it!! at least he let me borrow it for a few

it seems that no matter who i go out with that nite, i
always end up with adam. i feel kinda bad now because he
didnt come with us tonite. i just hope he knows that i
really do care about him alot and i didnt not invite him on purpose.

and im out. sleep is needed.


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