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2001-03-31 02:59:56 (UTC)

~today was like soooooooo..

~today was like soooooooo tiring. i stayed up until 2:30
studying and finishing make-up work in all my classes, it
really sucked. all that got me through the nite (and into
the morning!) was the radio and me just prayin' all the
time. i didn't go to trak practice today cuz i was so
tired. i'm really glad it's Friday, i also can't believe
that this is the day that i've been waiting for since 2
weeks ago when i figured out how close the Ga trip was.
now that it's here i'm not extrememly excited about it cuz
i'm like not "with it", butt i know tommarow i won't be
able to sleep!
anywho, i'm now making a 69 in algebra, i'm really
excited about that! i will have straight A's..........then
a 69 on my report card. that's just great! i've worked my
butt off all middle school (well, i'm over exagerating just
a 'lil :) to make straight A's, then my 8th grade year i
not only get my first B, butt my first F too. it's gonna
be my last F too! i'm going to prolly re-take it this
summer. i'm kinda embarassed b/c i feel that the teachers
think that i'm slakin' a lil bit. Mrs. Findley did pull me
to the side and say i've worked harder than most of the
students in trying to make it work in her class. Butt i
guess i didn't "make it work" cuz obviously, i'm going to
recieve an F! sorry, got a 'lil carried away there :)
The one good thing that did happen today was Myles
called me. His mom finally let him call me tonight and
he's gonna be able to call me tommarow too, it
think........oh well, i forget. if i had parents like his
i would SO be grounded forever for making an F. he got
grounded for an 89. i've been prayin' for him lately; him,
joe, Blake, Josh, Devin, and Josh. just cuz i found out
sum things from an anonamous (not sure how to spell that!)
source. i've liked him for forever and when i
finally "get" him (i guess u could say that) i'm confused
cuz he could have any gurl and he chose me. i had like a
really deep conversation w/ all my friends and they said
that they'd like be so happy if Myles would even consider
them as gurlfriends. and all i can think of is how i'm not
good enough for him. i've just tried to turn all my probs.
to the Lord. i've had a lot of burdens lately and He's the
only thing that keeps me going.
Kodi broke up w/ Jeremiah today. i thought he was
going to cry at lunch butt instead he laughed. he didn't
seem to mind cuz when i looked over there he was flirting
majorly w/ Erica Glendeman. i think Kodi's a really
special gurl and she BETTER not go out w/ Matt Jones. i
can't even believe that she considered him. that's just
wrong. i also realized that Stacey Mallet is really
pretty. i think it's soooo sweet how Stacey and Stephen go
out. i used to think she was stupid for going out w/ him
after he went out w/ Sam, then her, then sam again, then
her. and that was just after he got done breaking up w/
Jessica. butt i can't believe that Stephen hadn't been
kissed until then. Most guys started making out in 6th
grade! everyday Stephen allwayz asks me if Stacey said
anything. and then he allwayz adds that: "today it's gonna
happen!". he's talking bout kissing Stacey. he's allways
sayin' that to me butt it never happens! they just can't
wait until the weekends can they? lol.

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