Absolute Mayhem
2001-12-01 04:31:45 (UTC)

love is in the air...

lol. famous lines from joe and joan thies. lol. god im glad
the weekend is here. adam and i went to a movie tonite, it
was behind enemy lines. it was pretty good if ya like war
movies (i do). it was pretty packed though, but i still got
to sit there in adams arms. then we went out the back door,
and came around the side of the theater. lol. we must have
triggered the motion-sensored lights or something cuz we
were standing there in each others arms and like all of a
sudden, the lights flash on down on us. lol. kinda
comicaal. im gonna try to see if my parents will let adam
come over tomorrow to work on bio project with me. shud be
good. well im out. super tired. luv always, jess