My Life
2001-12-01 04:30:35 (UTC)

NOW he calls...

I had to work late but Terry waited for me. He was in the
big truck so I picked him up, we drove to the Casino, we
had a nice dinner, it was nice to be able to just sit and
talk, gambled away $20 and then I took him back to the big
truck. He still has to drive tonight to make a delivery
tomorrow. We may get together tomorrow and do some
Christmas shopping and then he might help me put up the
Christmas tree! Isn't that sweet. I want to enjoy the
holidays with him.
When I get home, I have a message from the farmer, said
he'd be home all night, but I'm not calling. NOW he calls,
after I don't care. It figures.
I had a great compliment from my boss today. Upper
management asked him if he had a backup person who could
step in for him, incase he got promoted, etc., it's company
policy to have someone like that. Well there is my manager,
another guy in the warehouse(who's a pain in the ass and
causing trouble) and me. So he told him, well, ya, I do,
but I can tell you it isn't **** (the other guy)! So he has
that confidence in me. I was really happy to hear that. I
thanked him for the compliment later, he said, well you
deserve it, you've proven youreslf. It was a good day.