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My Saga
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2001-12-01 04:15:49 (UTC)


Let me recap the week. Wednesday was the revelation "I'm
bi" "Me too!"; Thursday was "I'm attracted to you" "I'm
attracted to you too"; Friday was "So where do we stand
now?". And I'm still not really sure, but i think its a
good place. Amy came over for a little while while my
parents and brother were gone, and we watched the buffy
musical (I felt really bad cuz apparently my directions
were confusing, so she got lost ...) we didn't really do
anything... we both didn't want to make each other
uncomfortable. She had to leave pretty early because she
has to take the SAT tomorrow (I was afraid that she wasn't
going to get to come over at all), but we talked online for
a few minutes after she got home, and we both were
like "yea, I really wish that I had kissed you", so we're
both kicking ourselves, but hopefully we'll get another
chance soon. I was really nervous. I mean really. Partly
because it's Amy, and she's so beautiful and amazing, and
partly because I've never done anything with a girl before,
and it's kinda intimidating, I guess. So, I still have no
idea where we stand, but I think when I do, I'l like it.