Lady Gwen

Diary of a Raver chick
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2001-12-01 03:44:06 (UTC)

Darlene's work burning down...

Today there was a 5 alarm fire in Auburn. I was a work
when it started at about 3:00pm. Customers kept on coming
up to my counter and telling me about the fire that was
happening down the hill from my work. It sounded so awful.
I was so glad it wasn't me there in that fire. Then two
hours later I get an emergency call from home. The place
that was on fire was my Sister's work building and she was
inside when it started. Luckly she got out in time but
telling from the sound in her voice on my answering
machine, she was terrified. and I don't blame her one bit
for being scared. Tomorrow is her x-mas party and I guess
all of her co-workers and bosses are going to have a
meeting on what they're going to do for work on monday.
For the past two weeks there has been numerous calls to the
fire dept. that there was fires in her work building. So
the fire dept. has been to her work 5 times in two weeks
for fires that someone has been starting. Now it is under
investigation and officials are calling it a suspicious

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