ambiant pisces
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2001-12-01 03:25:47 (UTC)

another day

well just another day for me. school, work, and coming home
pissed. like always, i try to enjoy myself but others just
make that impossible. i have so many damn college essays to
write and i just want to be done with them. but open ideas
are difficult to find and writing about a meaningful
subject is really stressful. i guess i'm not passionate
enough about my ideas, but i also don't want to write a
mushy essay that they will just toss aside like the rest
about mundane life, friendship, and how hard it is to
adapt. that is too rudimentary and uncomplicated. i want to
be set apart from all the dumbasses that bullshit things.
but i also really want to get into college. no matter what
college, i just want to go and get out of this house. i
love my family, but i need to get out and experience life
for myself, that's the way i will only learn my mistakes.
i'm not going to take no for an answer. and advices just
don't cut it because i will listen...but it won't mean
anything until it directly affects me. hey what can i say
i'm human. and i bet everyone of you don't care about a
particular subject until it hits you in the face and you're
forced to confront...yes, that's the way stubborn me
learns. anyways, i need to be jettin. latahz.

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