Expressions Of Myself
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2001-12-01 03:08:51 (UTC)

November 30th 2001

Tomorrow begins my favorite month...December. I have always
loved the Christmas time of year. Dan did all the outside
lights and it looks so beautiful! I decorated the inside
and almost done...and I must too looks
beautiful. We are getting ready for our Christmas party
which I can't wait for. I think it will be so much fun to
be outside of work and hanging out with the people I get
along with the most. We all work so well together and I
think we will have alot of fun.
Anyway, the kids are watching A Bug's Life on tv and I am
preparing to make up some Christmas gifts..all homemade
this year. Doing hot chocolate, pancake mix, brownie mix
and milk bath jars for baskets. Thought a personal touch
would be nice and it saves money too.
Tomorrow I work and then am off on Sunday so will be able
to get more done except for the fact that the kids will all
be home. Chris is overnight at his friend, Zach's house that helps alot.
Hopefully I will make some money to be able to get some
more things for the party. That would be nice. And I'd like
to get something for Dan too....I am broke this
Off to do something constructive...whatever that may be.
Write more when the mood strikes me.