Adoption IS A Nightmare
2001-03-31 01:24:18 (UTC)


I am a birthmother.
I surrendered my first born son to adoption after his birth
in 1969. I was not allowed to see him; as soon as he was born
they knocked me out with strong medicine and 3 days later I was
released from hospital , still in a foggy state of mind.
I was forced to do this by my abusive father; my mother was
too passive to save me or my child.I was still a minor , even at age
20, in 1969 so I had to abide by my parent's wishes.
The adoptive parents were described as "stable, successful
and having a secure marriage".
The agency lied.
The adoptive parents were divorced ( after adopting another
boy from same agency $$$$ ) soon after and the adoptive
father was arrested for sex, drugs and alcohol with high
school students. He was a high school English teacher.
The adoptive mother was a drunk, a gambler and had a
taste for men wa-a-y too young for her. She owns a bar and I
just noticed another conviction for underage drinking at the
If anyone is reading this --let me know.
I will continue this later with details and the REAL facts about
Adoption of the 60's---sterile cuckoos getting a sweet baby from a
dumb, helpless girl and pretending it is theirs. FACT: God knows
what he is doing when he makes some people infertile.