Joshin Jane

2001-12-01 02:03:29 (UTC)

red and white

it's been a damn good week.
i've just somehow managed to maintain a positive, awake
attitude through these looong, stressful ::sarcasm:: four
my classes are going well, and i think as long as i keep
myself on track they'll keep going that way.
i was in math and i had this feeling, this happy, stable
feeling of empowerment, that i was capable of getting good
i could almost see the As.
somehow i've managed to get all my work done, to be
conscientious, and to care about not falling behind.
i attribute a lot of it to casey.
he's really kept me going this past week.
i've just been feeling a little down about how things have
been going on the CTY front since reunion, which was kind
of emotionally messy.
we've been talking so much, i don't even know what about,
but i've found myself constantly wanting to get to know
more about him, and learning more about myself in the
he and becky were soooo supportive while i was flipping
about about squash tryouts and it's such a pillar of
strength for me to look forward to seeing them in less than
a month.
december 14th, here i come!!!

"Never frown. Even when you're sad, someone may be falling
in love with your smile."