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2001-12-01 01:37:34 (UTC)

The Things We Do To The People That We Love....

Nothing like a snow day and then a P.A Day right after it.
Although the only productive thing I did was finish some
homework, It was a nice break. I did all the homework
yesterday, and today I did absolutely nothing. I sat on my
butt on the couch, watching tv, and this afternoon, I
slept. I'm not feeling too well, I'm thinking I'm getting a
cold. *bah* Atleast I'll be able to get better for Semi
Formal, and look like a Princess, instead of something that
got hit by a truck. *yawn* I'm tired. I have to work at 7
am tomorrow morning, which means I'm gonna have to get up
around 6ish. I don't mind, I'll get the car, so I'll take
my cd and crank the tunes all the way up the Highway.
*sigh* nothing like loud punk music. I love it :) Anyways,
I'm gonna go now, I'm getting dizzy, I may be back later, I
may not be.