my so called life
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2001-12-01 01:29:02 (UTC)

Sick and tired of you

After school I went to a coffeplace with Tiff and Silvia.
When I got home, I went online and talked to Lucy and Ben.
Ben was going to Steve's and wanted me to come since no one
wants to be alone with Steve and Geri. I told him NO.
Absolutely NOT. In one of my first entries I wrote that
Steve's in love with me. I don't know whether he still is
or not, but sadly I think he is. Being alone with him
really gives me the creeps and it has affected my
friendship with Geri a great deal.
Ben said they'd probably call me later knowing that I would
come. I feel so bad about the whole thing that I'm easily
persuaded. He went offline and suddently my doorbell rang.
I was home alone and didn't want any company. Guess who!
Ben and Steve. Then Geri called and she and Steve started
nagging. 'I'll pick you up in ten minutes' 'No, don't
bother' nag nag nag nag
I didn't want them to come at all, but they did and they
were fighting even though Geri wasn't even there! I got so
angry, I grabbed the phone and sai 'he'll pick you up in
ten minutes, ok? Get a grip!!' Geri was like Take it easy
you freak. FUCK YOU
They really get on my nerves!
I went downstairs where Ben was sitting. He was SO
sweet. 'I'm sorry, it wasn't mine idea, I know you wanted
to be alone.' I was like hey, it's ok, it's not your
fault. 'I feel guilty. I'm sorry.' Oh, you sweet little
thing. Finally Steve got off the phone and went to pick
Geri up. I was alone with Ben for almost an hour. I could
so easily fall in love with him. But it's something about
him.. he's kind of a poser sometimes and that ticks me off.
Well, I sat so close to him all night and it was just as it
used to be.. but it was all weird. During Rambo III on
telly (the insisted on watching it) I almost fell asleep. I
was half dreaming and half daydreaming when i realized I
was thinking about Leo. It's weird. So close to Ben and
thinking about Leo?
I was talking to Tiff today and we talked about the rumour
about me and Leo. She was like nothing happened, right? The
thought of Leo and me is like.. not existing for everyone.
I was like right. She asked if Ingrid was upset and I told
her that I think she was kind of upset about the whole
thing.. Lucy too. Lucy had this crush on Leo two years ago.
It's not like she owns him or anything, but I know she'd
get hurt if I told her the whole truth. I just told her
that we went to this afterparty together and Mike started
spreading rumours. There's no point in telling her when
nothing really happened and probably won't either.
I think I'll just get to bed.
I've got a midterm Monday.. Physics. I'm gonna die.. :(