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2001-12-01 00:31:54 (UTC)


i hate them.
i hate them for what they did to me.
i hate them for being male.
and i hate them for taking advantage of me.
because i am not.
but it was my fault.
my fault for putting myself there
my fault for deciding to do drugs
and my fault for fucking up my life.
i know what they did was wrong too
and nothing can take that back
it sucks.
it sucks a lot.
people are assholes.
and it is to be expected.
and i dont hate all men.
i dont.
and if i was to
it wouldnt be becaue of that.
i hate men for the way that they look at me.
like im nothing.
like im just some sort of object
for them to stare at.
and my friends.
i cant even be friends with most of them.
and you would think..
you would think that i could be.
but i cant.
no matter how much i try.
its always this weird thing
and i think that its stupid and i hate it.
i hate it so much
and i dont hate them all
i just hate the majoirty of them
but its not like i dont have every fuckgn reason to.
and i try to hard.
and everytime i try
everytime i try to not expect the worst.
its what i get.
its like im not expecting the worst even
im just expecting the result.
and i hate it.
i hate it.