Forgotten Misery
2001-12-01 00:25:10 (UTC)

Another night Alone

Well today started out to be a great day but it slowly went
down as the day went on. I was going to go hang out with
my boys if g didnt want to do anything well im home and
didnt go out with g or my boys and leigha included!!!
Murphy worked things out with his girl britt I think its so
funny he told her that her wearing the same ole houdie all
the time got on his nerves that has to be the funniest
thing i have ever heard she worships the ground he walks on
its cute!!!! Today in spainish we listen to that one
enrique song and we get to learn it next week and sing it
lol fun fun I love singing in spainish cause its not the
same ole thing its a nice change.
Once again andrea has been left all alone to ponder her
thoughts and see this is not a good thing at all because it
makes me think to much and it depresses me alot because I
have been thinkn about me and Geoff and maybe its just me
but it seems to me that we arent as close as we used to be
he seems distant im not sure I just am feeling like im
being left behind he doesnt open up much to me and im at a
loose i love him so so so much i mean I really do love him
with all of my heart but we dont spend anytime together and
I just want to be with him all the time and never let go
but he seems to want his space that doesnt include me i
dont know like i said i have been thinkn to much one of my
most major flaws ...
Im leaving on the 22 that morning and im not sure when i
will come back im going to miss everyone so much and i will
geoff so much its not even funny I dont want us to ever end
I Love him and the thought of being without him takes me to
a really harsh dark and cold reality I dont want to leave
him hes been the first guy I have ever really been able to
conect to in a very long time and I love him more than I
have ever loved anyone before ok im starting to cry so im
getting off now......

Yours Always,