a little piece of me
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2001-11-30 23:20:11 (UTC)

just stuff

so, today has been rather dull thus far. went to bed at
5:30 this morning, got up at 10, took a shower, did some
extra credit for my an phys class (took about 30
seconds...hehe), went to painting, painted for 2 hours, got
some pizza from domino's, came back here, and here i am.
waiting for another hour...then i'm going to see 'spy
games'. heard it's really good. saw 'ghost world' last
night. very funny. dear god my life is boring.

i would like to talk about my whole 'ghost world'
experience. like i said, very funny movie. has thora
birch and steve buscemi in it. i like both of them.
anyway, it was playing at the 'international film series',
although it's not foreign. i love the movies they play at
this series. this sounds odd, but i prefer to go to them
alone. i have yet to meet someone who appreciates a good
foriegn movie, so i would rather not be bothered. i guess
that doesn't sound like much of an experience, but going to
those types of movies always makes me feel very...content.

tonight is a different story. going with a couple of
friends. should be fun, i guess. holy hell i'm tired.
i'll be sleeping in tomorrow, that's for sure. *yawn*.
talking to my boy brett. mmmm, he's great. every time he
tells me he loves me (which he just did :) ), my heart
practically beats right out of my chest. ugh, i'm a geek.
oh well, being a geek can sometimes be fun. i guess.
hmm. well, i'm still wiped out, so i'm thinking about
shutting up now...maybe catching a quick nap before the
movie (yeah right). adieu.