between love and hate

there is a thin line
2001-03-31 00:37:33 (UTC)

growing up with grandpa

in memory of driving with grandpa........
lessons .......
i lived in a small town,i had a pacer you
remember those. car looked like a pregnant skate
well make a left turn ...then at the end of this
road make a right your other right..
now slow down watch your speed......see that
truck go where it is and go down the service lane
grrrrrr not the same lane as him you ding batt..
on the other side in the service lane......
hed say oooohhhhhh i have insurance watch out
fools her she comes down the wrong side of the
road going in the wrong direction that
is so funny i remember it like it was yeterday.
iam 34 today and drive great.had accidents but
not my fault...i drive on my side of the road...
the wedding day 14 years ago(my first wedding)
he was so swave in his light grey tux.....
came in the room where i was getting dressed.
smilled and said( you know if you get scared
im right there with you....looked at me again
gave me a smile and a kiss.and sais i love you my
little girl and chuckled and said ill still push
in the wheel barrel........

walking down that isle he held my hand so tight..
and gave me to another.......
wow i think of all these things and tears fill my
eyes see with out him i wouldnt have had a
fathers love . thank you papa, i love you
allways and will hold you close in my heart
so that you will allways be here with me.....