Heart of Tanglewood

The Ravings of a Teenage Girl
2001-11-30 23:19:04 (UTC)

Blonde's are ruining the country

I wanted to name this entry feeling guilty & disappointed,
but I liked the other one better.

I feel really guilty; I called my Mom a bitch today. I feel
bad because, although I've cussed in front of my parents and
although I've called my Dad a fair share of cuss words to his
face, I've rarely ever called my Mom a bitch. I always had
too much respect for her. I'm going to stop being so mean to
everyone and just get over my depression. I don't have any
right to make my family suffer through my problems. They've
already got enough problems to deal with.

I also feel really disappointed. I was talking to Nicole on
the phone and I mentioned D. She said that D already has his
eye on someone else. I know who this person is. It's some
blonde girl who is ugly and dresses like a slut. So that's
the end of it. Next time I go to school, I'll ask him if he
has a girlfriend, I'll see what happens. He'll probably
reject me, and then I'll get over him. I'll feel much better
after that.

Now, all I have to do is wait for Monday to arrive.....