What's up now?
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2001-11-30 22:58:40 (UTC)

Ahhh....and then week slides to an end...

Its FRIDAY!!! woo :) Its been pretty good I supposse :)
Hmmm....went to class, that wasnt fun...then hung out with
Ben at the OIE....hoping to go to China?!? Cool eh? Anyone
who wants to donate money...haha...So anyways...Then Rachel
and I went to the Animal shelter to help out and play with
the was SOOO fun!!! VERY sad, but it was a
very good experience :) We're going back again, next
week...hopeful before Thursday(thats judgement day)so we
can see the same ones again!! Hmm...then we came back, did
a little work on our project(thats gonna suck), then we
decided it was time to get outta as we were
walking to the car we were talking and I see something that
catches my eye, and I walk over and it's a five dollar
bill!!! Awesome huh :) Yeah I was excited, so Rachel and
I decided it was time to have a girls movie night, free of
charge!!! YES!!! SO we rented crazy beautiful, AND we got
oliver and company FREE!! I mean really free :) They have
free kids movies :) Awesome too eh? yeah its been a good
day....I'm still a little stressed, and my "tummy"
hurts...but oh we're off to have our girls