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2001-11-30 22:49:52 (UTC)


It's not really a bad day, it's kinda a good day, but it's
a bad day, cuz I'm bored.

Ooookay. Do I have to introduce myself to my diary or
something? I don't keep a diary. =/
I'm a 13 year old girl, I have a talent for eavesdropping
and overhearing things voluntarily or involuntarily, I get
obsessed with things for a short amount of time on
occasion, and I'm always hyper. I'm semi-nocturnal, without
a need for sleep.

I'm just gonna write stuff down here so I have somewhere to
write it and so that I don't forget it or for any reason.
This thing might not ever be updated either. Oh well.

Ice3, Ice, cubed. Icecube. Ta-dah.

*/x*/x* -^- */x*/x*

To-day...... is Friday. Yay ^^
I finished sewing my skirt in FACS(Family And Consumer
Science, which is actually called "Fashion and Interior
Design". No flowers.)It's long and blue and has leaves on
it. @_@ It actually turned out prettier than I thought it
would(I didn't even think I'd get it done to look like a

My very nice friend Fuzzy also reviewed two of my stories
on ffnet, and now I'm all happy.

I'm very hungry now, so I'll just shut up now and go eat
some cauliflower or something. x.x

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