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2001-11-30 22:10:08 (UTC)


I think this might be my second entry today, can you tell
I'm bored? Well I had a lovely 2 hour drive in the nasty
downcast rain spit this morning! It was worth it however
because I got to visit someone I've been wanting to see. I
think it helped:) Afterwards I went to check on my grandma
and see how she was doing. It took me a lil while to get
there though as I really had no idea how to get from one
point in Jackson to another. Oh well I did eventually find
it and without much trouble. I know I'm gifted:) We ended
up going to Meijer to get a all ready cooked roasted
chicken, interesting. After I visited her I drove back to
my hometown and picked up a video, predicting the boredom
of my home. So yeah now no one is on to talk so I'm going
to do some homework I guess:) Love ya, babies.