Diary of the Family Dracul
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2001-11-30 21:51:44 (UTC)

Beyond Palmistry

Oh dear goddess, I nearly died when I couldn't get on the
internet today. Seems our server, Excite@home has gone
bankrupt, and we were dropped. Good better, tho, we
reregistered with our cable company and everything's FAHN.
Today I got a lotta good news. An 88% on my Art test, and I
KNOW Mike Estlund is considering me for girlfriend
material. COOL. More goods, in lunch, while I sang to the
twins to help me find out what the name of the song I had
in my head was, Joe stopped talking to his blond and
listened. He watched me intently all lunch hour. Either he
has an extreme staring problem, or he was waiting for me to
say something to him. Major props!! Whooo! I saw Kyle
Rankin yesterday and today for the first time in months.
His hair looks horrible, and he's even more pimply than
last year! I guess I should be grateful he didn't like me
last year!
I got a 97% on my french l'examen. LOODS. Best grade I've
gotten on a test all semester. And guess what else? My
Harry Potter feature story for Journalism is going to be on
the front page of the school paper! The student staff set
me up before they even saw my story! Mr. Manfull said that
he knows they think I'm a good writer and I can deliver.
That is THE ultimate compliment!
I am determind to listen to Black and Blue until I have
it memorized.
One bad today, lead guitarist for the Beatles and best
friend to Eric Clapton, George Harrison, died of cancer
yesterday at a friend's house in L.A. So sad, he was only
58! That's WAYY too young to die. He's only 9 years older
than my dad. When I told people about it, most just looked
at me like " Who?" Pissed me off so badly, how anyone can
be so ignorant!! -Elena-