My piece of reality
2001-11-30 21:27:28 (UTC)

This is me

*1 minute ago: I was watching Peter Pan, thinking about what I have
to do to prepare for tomorrow.

*1 hour ago: I was probably in the shower.

*1 day ago: I was in my boyfriends arms.

*1 week ago: I wasn't worried about school, or anything other than
what I was going to do that night and if I would get to see John.

*1 month ago: I was getting into the swing of summer, spending time
with friends and working for the relationship I have now.

*1 year ago: I was just moving down here. I was so scared.

*1 lifetime ago: this summer seems like a lifetime of its own.

01. I hurt: when people judge me not based on anything but hearsay.

02. I love: God, my parents, my friends, my boyfriend, life.

03. I hate: when people around me are hurting, and when my friends do
things that aren't good for them.

04. I cry: more than i probably should. I'm a big baby.

05. I fear: losing more loved ones, death, clowns, spiders, and being

06. I hope: that things will continue on the path that they are.
Things are wonderful now.

07. I sadden: when I lose a friend, and when things come to a close.

08. I feel alone: never. God is always with me.

09. I kill: to be kind to everyone

10. I talk: way to much sometimes, yet not to many people.

11. I listen: anytime anyone needs me to.

12. I break: at the feet of Christ.

13. I see: inside myself and I like what is there.

14. I smell: the roses whenever i get the chance.

15. I taste: berry pop-tarts.

16. I work: at being a better person

17. I remember: my past. its been an interesting one.

19. I hide: many things from many people, but nothing from those i

20. I pray: for friends, family, my school.

21. I walk: because i dont have my license

22. I drive: a white Saturn

23. I read: not as much as i should.

24. I burn: to tell people how i really feel sometimes.

25. I breathe: air?

26. I play: whenever i can. being a little kid is very free.

27. I miss: Ohio, my friends, family and the places i loved there.

28. I touch: hopefully someday i will touch someones life.

30. I feel: anxious about school starting. i'm too young to grow up.

31. I know: that i have wonderful friends, a great family, an amazing
boyfriend, i have a great life.

33. I dream: of my future and wonder where it will lead.

35. I want: to be a good friend, and a good person

36. I fall: in my faith sometimes

37. I wait: for tomorrow

38. I need: nothing