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2001-11-30 20:23:46 (UTC)

A Future For Us! Trust In Divine Providence

Dear Diary:
I am entrusting our relationship to the Godesses Fate and Destiny and the Lord over all of us. If it is to manifest into something more deeper than so be it.

It seems to be manifesting in that area. But so many things can happen in a twinkle of an eye. I will not stand in his way to have his children. Since I can not give him any.

I wish I were atleast 10 years younger than he was and we would have met so I could. Sigh! To bad. I am sure our lives would have been happier.

But we are drawn to each other. Thank heavens for the Internet and us taking a chance on us meeting.

We are just lucky. I love him so much. I want us so badly. But I have to allow Fate and Destiny to have the final say and with the approval of the Lord over all us.

I am a Christian Catholic. I need to know this one will be forever. I will not risk losing my right to take Holy Eucharist in the church. The Holy Eucharist and the Real Presence of Jesus is what sustains me through out my week. I would die if I could not take it.

Oh Honey-Bear, I hope and I pray we have a future.
I will not ask you to be come a Christian Catholic
but know this my love-- I will not stand in your
way in having your children.

If the Lord ordains it for you not to have children. Please just accept it as his Will. Some of us are meant to be parents, some of us are not.
My track record is not that good either.

I am a birth-mother but not a real mother to any.
I lost three children, but to be reunited with one
after many years. There is no permanent bond between us.

Look at me. I am a illegitimate child. I am adopted so my birthmother did not want me either.

I think we have a future. Let us trust in the Lord
and lean not on our own understanding.

We are all here to do as the Lord bids us to do.
We are his children. Let His Will be Done In Our
Life, not ours.

Love, AmericanIrishRose
{Karissa Anne}