Heart of Tanglewood

The Ravings of a Teenage Girl
2001-11-30 20:15:35 (UTC)

Their just boring anyway

My mother somehow seems to think that my severe depression is
due to a chemical imbalance. It doesn't seem that way.
Nobody in my house takes me seriously. They all think I act
this way to be dramatic and get attention. Although this is
what my other siblings in the house do, it seems to me that I
really don't want attention. I just feel depressed about how
things are going in my life so far.

D said that next fall semester he's going to another school.
That means only 5 more months to see him! I hope that's just
talk. I hope that Nicole will help me win him over. I'm
sure she will. I really want to start dating someone. Even
if it's just D.

I told my sister about Michael. She said by the sound of it
he's probably gay. She's probably right too. He had
designer ripped jeans, a crisp plaid shirt on buttoned low,
and brushed hair, plus the Tom Cruise mention didn't help.
Now, I know it's probably superficial of me to say that if
you do a certain thing that's been stereotyped as gay then
you must be gay, but in my case, I don't know him well enough
to care weather he's gay or not.

I can't think of titles for my diary entries anymore.
They’re just boring anyway.

I have really long hair. It's all the way down to my elbows.
I would've cut it off awhile ago but I'm convinced that if I
grow my hair out long enough, I can donate my hair to a
children’s fund for kids who don't have hair (e.g. cancer
patients, brain tumor patients, etc.)

I was in my backyard last night. I wanted to runaway. I was
thinking about where I'd go. I went up to my room and packed
a night's worth of clothes into a bag and stashed it in my
closet. Just incase someday I might get the courage to do
it. What'll happen is that I'll need the clothes and I'll
wind up unpacking it.

My brother is trying to spy on me. So I gotta go