hello kitty cat
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2001-11-30 20:08:02 (UTC)

faith lies in the ways of sin

Life has taken another turn.
I'm in a daze at the moment so forgive me if I
don't make sense...but then do I ever REALLY make sense?
haha... Well I have a lot on my mind. Jason is faced with
a lot of shit right now...during the time period when he
wasn't quite himself...when he was recovering from
Caitlin and when I happened to be in Philadelphia, he slept
with this girl (we weren't together at the time)...who
claimed she was 17 and pretty much said she was on birth
control...Jason actually said he wouldn't have sex with her...with
out a condom..and she said "what if I was on birth control?".....
... you know this actually happened the SAME day I was raped in
PA...funny right...anyway she basically begged him to have sex with
her. And so, he did. And now, she claims to have his baby. She wasn't
really on birth control at the time, ....and she lied about her age..
she was really 15 at the time. She also lied about a few other
things...this puts his entire future in jeopardy, obviously. I'm
really upset about it because if she does have a child, she is not by
any means old enough, intelligent enough, or loving enough
to care for a child. He doesn't know what he's going to
do as far as the whole custody issue is concerned. Part of
me thinks he should just leave it to it doesn't ruin his
future...and really if the child never knew his
father there would be no attachment, right? Therefore
there wouldn't be a problem. Her boyfriend could father
it. I'm sure it would be OK...right???? But then again..
I'm sitting here saying he needs to get full custody,
Jason that is. Because he is a capable person...and I
know he would be a better parent than she ever
could...and plus...hopefully that would avoid any hurt that
would pile up in the child from not knowing his real father,
but then he wouldn't know his really it's a
no win situation. Did I mention she is trying to throw
him in Jail?? They're a little over 3 years
3 years 5 months, and the law is 3 years and under is
legal. A child just shouldn't be a mistake. I'm so confused..what
would be the right thing to do? Is there a right thing??? A child
should be built on love.I was thinking about that...You know if it
was me..who was pregnant with Jason's baby, I think we'd raise it
well..because we love each other..and really I
think raising a child has a lot to do with the love
between the parents. I don't know. God help him...Then again...maybe
this is all bullshit, hopefully it is...maybe this is just a lesson
to be learned...I know in my heart things will work out...I need some
sleep. Some REAL sleep.

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